“Cradle Duende’s great playing and amazing repertoire reaches from Poland to Morocco with many wonderful stops in between. They were a big hit.” –MC Bill Schechner, Co-Anchor of NBC News-Overnight

“Cradle Duende’s performance was a delight. Their musical talent and imagination made this much more than a klezmer concert–they became part of our congregation for this hour, and we became participants in the music”.
                               -Doris Bass,  Israel Congregation of Manchester, Vermont

“Cradle Duende was energetic, inventive, and accomplished; we’re looking forward to seeing and hearing them again” –Steve Baker, Freight & Salvage: Berkeley CA

“In combining European sounds from Klezmer to Flamenco, Cradle Duende sounds purely San Franciscan.” –Mina Girgis, Founder of Zambaleta World Music & Dance School:  San Francisco, CA

“CradleDuende’s music was evocative and strong. They engaged the audience, contextualizing their music and locating it as part of a larger movement to build consciousness across musical and cultural lines.” Rabbi Joshua Boettiger of Congregation Beth El, Bennington, VT

“When Justin Ancheta took the stage,  I knew they were just what the doctor ordered to take away the worries of the week.”  Ana Marie Soutela-CA


News Clippings:

Full length article in the Glen Park Association Newspaper, San Francisco

Cradle Duende’s “A Call to Localize” Series


Cradle Duende in San Francisco Bay Guardian as part of Bicycle Music Festival 2011

Bicycle Music Festival 2011

Cradle Duende on Pedal Power NYC: Rock the Bike’s Largest Pedal Powered Stage June 4th 2011


Crossing the Continent by Train & Bike

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Cradle Duende at Yoga Basin Studio, NJ June 5th 2011


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